Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home

Solar Panels Could Net You 20k

By Trisha Calvo

Technology first used to power satellites and microscopes in outer space can now be seen on roofs all over America. The cost of solar panels has plummeted in recent years, so if you’re considering doing some roof repair or roof remodelling, installing solar panel roofing is an excellent option. It will both save money on your energy bills and raise the value of your property.

Solar Panels - Conventional mononcrystalline silicon solar panels continue to be the most energy efficient option. The beauty of solar panels is they can be mounted on any roof and tilted on the frame in the best position to capture the most amount of sunlight. Even if your roof doesn’t slope in the right direction or face the sun, you can still generate electrcity and save on your energy bills.

Speak to a Solar Specialist

Before embarking on a solar panel installation, it’s always wise to get professional advice. This includes advice on how much the installation will cost and how quickly you can start saving money on your electricity bills.

An Extra $1,000 Or More Per Year Free Solar Quotes

One option many homeowners are now taking is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (SITC) scheme.

This provides a generous 30% tax rebate on the cost of a solar panel installation and the opportunity to lease solar panels with $0.00 down. These combined benefits are enabling home owners to save, on average, $20,000 over a 20 year period. Free Solar Quotes provide you with extra money every year!

Thanks to Free Solar Quotes, millions of home owners are now saving $1,000 or more every year thanks to their solar panel roof. In fact, homeowners in regions with an abundance of sunlight are expected to earn as much as $64,000 over a 20 year period by selling excess power to the electricity companies.

There’s no question anymore, solar power is on the march. Free Solar Quote is your best choice. With the Solar Investment Tax Credit scheme, it’s a confident trend that’s proving to be very profitable for smart home owners happy to turn their roof’s into money makers, to pay for an extra holiday, home repairs or an extra nest egg for retirement. 

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